TSI Product Launches/Buying Groups

Creating clarity out of chaos

When it comes to buying groups, promotional campaigns pose a special challenge for brands. Not only do buying group product lines typically have a limited brand aesthetic, but ads must also be created in multiple languages, often featuring multiple offers. What’s more, buying group products are typically the last products to receive new or updated product photography.

When a brand rolls out a large national campaign, giving buying groups the same level of support as a larger retailer is a massive undertaking. Over the years, we’ve honed this process to make buying group brand promotions seamless, even on tight timelines.

Take a peek at our process for one of the world’s best-known mattress manufacturers:

Business Challenge

In 2023, Tempur Sealy International (TSI) launched new product lines across each of its three flagship brands, including updates to buying group product lines. Typically, TSI’s launch campaigns take anywhere from four to five months to complete, but buying group product photography wasn’t available until the final six weeks before the launch. With a shortened timeline and hundreds of buying group retailers waiting for promotional assets, TSI turned to its longtime partner and retail brand expert (us!) to help deliver.


Fortunately, Icon is no stranger to the process of creating bespoke cobranded marketing materials on demand for TSI retailers. Our team has deep brand experience with a retailer-minded focus, deep internal cohesiveness, and a trusted relationship with the brand and the retailers. This enabled us to mitigate obstacles by coordinating with the right client stakeholders and decision-makers in advance, ensuring our team members were ready and building a process that would execute the moment we had all the pieces in place.


In the end, Icon created and delivered over 2,000 customized assets for TSI’s buying groups in a six-week timeframe. Not only did we meet the project’s deadline, we managed the project from start to finish. This holistic view allowed us to identify process shortcomings, areas for improvement, and opportunities to save TSI money.

When buying group promotions are this efficient, brands can build strong relationships with retailers of all sizes, offering customized marketing resources to build retailer trust and, ultimately, to grow sales.