Building an ecommerce site from the inside out

Business Challenge

TiVo Corp., the consumer electronics producer known for its eponymous TiVo recording device, was creating a new version of its DTC ecommerce site with a goal of streamlining sales of its bundled products and subscriptions by letting customers design their own packages. But the company’s complicated product offerings made building a self-service site too complex to do in house. After a year of delays, the website failed to launch entirely. TiVo needed an agency partner with a high level of technical expertise and selected Icon to drive the project to completion.


Icon’s technical experts audited the project, identified the gaps, and untangled internal systems. Our team acted as system architects and technical consultants, leading TiVo’s internal resources by bringing the appropriate questions and tools to the table and making the right decisions to ensure its requirements were met.


In less than one year after joining their team, we successfully launched TiVo’s self-serve DTC website that allowed consumers to customize their product packages. Thanks to our expanded technical architecture plan, TiVo’s teams were organized and ready to lead the company to a successful product and commerce launch.