The Porch Swing Company

Empowering growth through clear strategic direction

Business Challenge

Like many fast-growing ecommerce retailers, The Porch Swing Company (TPSC) was struggling to figure out where to prioritize its marketing efforts. The company’s small but mighty team straddled multiple roles within the company, making it difficult to develop a clear and unified vision. TPSC needed an ecommerce marketing expert that could identify the company’s position in the marketplace and plot a clear path to sustained growth—so they turned to Icon.


We helped TPSC develop its marketing road map using several different strategies, including a thorough audit of its owned and paid media channels. We identified marketing emails as TPSC’s highest-converting channel despite not having any coordinated strategy with other channels. After this audit, we provided TPSC with a clear map of its emails and identified weaknesses and opportunities. We also optimized the existing content to deliver the most effective results and developed testing plans that would help identify the right audiences for its content and products.


Through the comprehensive audit and subsequent consulting, we empowered TPSC to take control of its email marketing. With the information we provided, TPSC was able to see the scope of work needed to be done to reach its goals, which enabled the company to dedicate the right resources to the right channels to act on our recommendations.