Building a resilient brand designed to adapt

Business Challenge

As part of Icon Commerce’s commitment to our community, we support startups at The Brandery, a local accelerator, with developing their branding and marketing infrastructure. Tango (formerly Better Yet) was one such startup, originally conceived as an app that would allow restaurant patrons to order and pay using their mobile phones. The company needed a brand identity that could scale and adapt with its business and be attractive to B2C and B2B audiences.


We hit the ground running, taking the client through our brand identity workshop and pulling in market research insights to develop a name, logo, and brand that would be ownable and effectively capture Tango’s personality and points of differentiation. Armed with a contemporary color palette and style and a fresh set of brand standards, we then employed the new identity in the creation of traditional and digital marketing materials that would allow Tango to reach audiences on any channel.


The new brand was a hit, winning Tango partnerships with the Cincinnati Reds and more. The lockdown of 2020 was an unexpected blow to Tango’s original business concept, as most restaurants closed their doors, but the brand identity we developed continues to serve as the company pivoted and scaled toward a B2B model.