Prime Day/HBCY Creations

Getting more out of Prime Day

Amazon’s advice to advertisers has always been to spend, spend, spend throughout the year, then increase spend leading up to Prime Day, culminating in the highest spend during the Prime Day period.

But at Icon, our goal is to maximize results while being good stewards of our clients’ marketing dollars. Our approach reduces spending in the days leading up to Prime Day, and instead focuses the majority of the budget on Prime Day itself.

Why? It works. Here’s how one of our clients won Prime Day this year:

Business Challenge

HBCY Creations, sellers of home and office décor, has a constantly changing and growing catalog of products—more than 100 product listings. Despite the company’s success, Prime Day posed a challenge. While the company followed industry best practices (and Amazon’s own recommendations) ahead of time, HBCY’s 2022 Prime Day ad sales were lower even than in non-Prime Day periods. To help turn things around before the next Prime Day, HBCY turned to Icon Commerce.


Our team ensured that the company’s 100+ product ASINs and ad campaigns were set up properly and closely monitored activity across the account to set seasonal benchmarks.

Because Prime Day ad buying operates on an auction-based system, knowing when to push spending on a listing and when to pull back requires close attention. With deep understanding and experience from managing HBCY’s product listings, our team recognized the right opportunities and was ready to act when they arose.


With Icon’s help, HBCY’s ad sales on Prime Day increased over 200% compared to the previous year with only a marginal increase in ad spend. Where return on ad spend had been negative previously, now HBCY was finally seeing positive returns.