Mathis Brothers

Giving mattresses an optimized ecommerce treatment

Business Challenge

As a national furniture retailer, Mathis Brothers did most of its business through its brick-and-mortar stores in Oklahoma and California—until Covid-19 lockdowns forced the business to pivot toward selling more online. The company’s online mattress category needed special attention since consumers would not be able to touch or feel the product in store. Mathis Brothers approached us to optimize the mattress pages of its website and grow its sales.


We immediately identified areas for improvements, especially where there were barriers to a smooth customer checkout experience (such as communicating inventory availability and fulfillment options more clearly). In addition to resolving those issues, we took opportunities to increase ticket sizes by suggesting add-on bundles before checkout. From a content perspective, we redesigned the pages and implemented a priority of communication based on industry and competitive research while maintaining a consistent look and feel with the rest of the website.


While the content of the pages we created has since shifted and changed (it was a much different world in 2020), Mathis Brothers customers continue to enjoy an improved shopping experience on both desktop and mobile platforms.