Joffa Marketplace

Helping a purpose-led brand find its place in the market

Business Challenge

Our clients at Wellaco founded the Joffa Marketplace as a new not-for-profit ecommerce platform that would focus on selling ethically sourced, sustainable, and fair trade goods made by artisans from underserved communities. They needed a strategic partner to develop a launch plan for this marketplace and turned to Icon for help.


We went all in on building a go-to-market plan for Joffa. After conducting deep competitor and market research, we developed a buyer persona and mapped out their customer journey.  To help Joffa understand how to define its product and category mix, we also conducted product research. Using all these insights, we developed a detailed go-to-market roadmap, including strategies for multi-channel paid media, email, user-generated content and reviews, and social media content. In close partnership with the Joffa team, we implemented these plans, adapting our strategies in real time to customer feedback and client opportunities, bringing the Joffa Marketplace to life.


By the end of our four-month go-to-market plan, we had built a substantial foundation of organic and paid social media that frequently drove products to sell out. Joffa adopted growth strategies that capitalized on this initial success, and over the next six months we grew its online presence and sales, increasing conversion rates more than 400%.