Crafting one strong brand strategy to reach three audiences

Business Challenge

Deckorators, a ready-made composite decking materials manufacturer, serves customers across three distinct categories: dealers, contractors, and consumers. As Deckorators sought to solidify its standing with trade audiences and expand its share of the consumer market, it needed a communication plan that would resonate with all three audiences.


An effective communication strategy first requires identifying an audience—and each of Deckorators’ three audiences had its own goals and pain points. We conducted thorough market research, including mapping the consumer purchasing journey, and used our findings to develop an overarching brand strategy that clearly defined and conveyed Deckorators’ unique benefits. We then applied that strategy into creative ad and PR campaigns that could effectively raise brand awareness and drive demand in all audiences across the client’s social media, print, digital, and paid media channels.


Over the course of our first year, we helped drive millions of impressions and clicks on Deckorators’ assets (featuring our freshly designed branding campaigns) through a combination of media placements (earned and paid) and SEO strategy. Overall, Deckorators gained the most trade press impressions among its competitors in 2022, leading share of voice (SOV) with trade audiences. We continue to build customer awareness, closing the gap between Deckorators and its industry-leading competitors by delivering consumer impressions over 400% over goal.