Giving a small business a big sales boost

Business Challenge

CinSoy Foods is an Ohio-based producer of small-batch fermented soy products such as soy sauce, tofu, and miso paste. A budding new business that found fast success by building relationships with local restaurants and food influencers, CinSoy wanted to take advantage of its upward momentum by expanding into ecommerce and needed a partner it could trust to set up the brand for long-term growth.


Because CinSoy products are attractive, high quality, and shelf stable, we determined that an Amazon storefront would be an ideal place to help business grow.

As we do for all our clients, we started by building a solid foundation, guiding CinSoy through the logistics of long-term Amazon success (fulfillment, merchandising, brand registration, account setup, and more). Thanks to our top-tier partner status with Amazon, we leveraged proprietary and exclusive Amazon technology to gain insight into CinSoy’s target audiences, develop shopper personas, and craft key messages that would resonate with customers. To help launch CinSoy to even larger audiences, we also created paid ad campaigns designed around these findings.


CinSoy’s initial Amazon product offering flew off the site, selling out in a matter of days, well outpacing its brick-and-mortar sales and exceeding the company’s expectations.