Attracting investors by building a strong marketing foundation

Business Challenge

Blue222, a web-based real estate startup, was founded to disrupt the way the industry approached due diligence. The startup needed improve overall user experience to attract investors and new clients, with the ultimate goal of growing its revenue and business valuation.


The immediate challenge to attracting new investors was clearly demonstrating how Blue222’s business proposition actually worked. All great plans begin with a strong foundation, which we built through robust persona development and customer journey research. This work became part of building a long-term marketing ecosystem (CRM and marketing automation setup on HubSpot along with some light branding work) that could support and adapt with the startup’s continuing growth.

From there, we needed to connect Blue222’s customers directly to its powerful software solution—a comprehensive network of real estate inspectors housed in a massive database. To accomplish that, we updated Blue222’s website to better reflect its brand, redesigning the site’s UI for a more streamlined, easier-to-use experience.


Thanks to the comprehensive marketing automation processes we built, Blue222 now has a digital and traditional marketing presence that effectively connects with all its users. The targeted messaging content we created and tactics we used now steer potential investors and clients toward Blue222 with greater success.