Scaling for success with proven templates

Business Challenge

International board game distributor Asmodee approached us for help optimizing Amazon listings, with the goal of achieving consistent growth across its entire Amazon business. Asmodee sells hundreds of game titles and needed an efficient method for keeping each listing optimized and updated. Their small team simply could not keep up with the volume.


Based on our industry and competitor research, we pinpointed the information consumers search for most and organized it into a content template that could be applied across every (and any) game listing. The template set standards for bullet points, A+ content, and gallery images (photography and video), making it easy to identify where information should go and allowing the client to update listings more efficiently. We then supported implementing the templates and best practices across all of Asmodee’s hundreds of game listings, which required coordinating and obtaining content from each game’s developer or team. In some instances, we took custom lifestyle and product photography on their behalf.


The product listing template made it easier for Asmodee’s team to keep product pages optimized with new content or updates, and consumers responded positively to the new format. Asmodee experienced an immediate boost (nearly 10%) in sales following the implementation of our updated listings.