Leading with a Purpose: How Under Armour Communicates Authenticity

The whole world changed in 2020. As a consumer, I began re-evaluating the brands and companies I was supporting…and I wasn’t alone. According to a recent Harris Poll, “82% of shoppers prefer a consumer brand’s values to align with their own, and they’ll vote with their wallet if they don’t feel a match. Three-quarters of shoppers reported parting ways with a brand over a conflict in values.”

Part of what we do at Icon is help brands adapt to a constantly changing marketplace through branding, ecommerce infrastructure, and more. So when Truman Freshour, Global Communications Director at Under Armour, came to visit Cincinnati, I jumped at the chance to hear what he had to say.

After all, Under Armour went from a $2M company in 2013 to over $5B in 2022. It’s a household name on par with Nike (while only being a fraction of Nike’s size). And Under Armour did it by developing values and a message that resonate with today’s customer.